Folk Art

Folk Art Portrait of a Child - Darling

Folk art portrait of a child with a cat and flowers, oil on canvas, unsigned, attributed to Robert Darling.

Naive Painting of Farm Home

Painting of a country home, o/c, unsigned.

Naive Farm Scene

Naïve folk art painting of a New England house and barn, oil on canvas, unsigned.

Portrait of a Mother and Infant

Portrait of a young mother and her infant, oil on canvas, unsigned.

Naive Portrait of Girl w/Grapes

A charmingly naïve portrait of a young girl, oil on canvas laid down on board, attributed to Henry Williams, (1787-1830).

Miniature Paint Decorated Blanket Chest

A truly exceptional miniature lift-top blanket chest with one drawer.

Paint Decorated Blanket Chest

An excellent paint decorated lift-top blanket chest with two overlapping drawers.

Early Stair Fragments - On Sale!

Pair of early wooden stair fragments with wonderful folk art qualities, original green paint, very sculptural carving including hearts, 18th Century, Pennsylvania origin.

Early Hatchel w/Ironwork - On Sale!

Early hatchel (or hetchel) with fabulous ironwork decoration. Made from Southern yellow pine, and shaped in the form of an owl, this hatchel was used to clean flax or hemp.

Naive Watercolor Portrait - On Sale!

Naive watercolor portrait of a woman in a fancy dress, unsigned, 19th century, New England or New York State origin.

Sampler - Charlotte Bates - On Sale!

Embroidered sampler, nicely decorated with a house and trees, signed "Charlotte Bates, 1824", American.

Theorem on Velvet - On Sale!

Theorem on velvet depicting a woman mourner, along with grazing sheep and a church building in the background. This theorem has a wonderful folk art quality, with good color and in a nice frame.

Paint Decorated Deed Box - On Sale!

Paint decorated deed box, with flowers over a black background, decorated on the front, lid, and two sides.

Sheet Metal Boot Trade Sign - On Sale!

Sheet metal trade sign in the shape of a boot, with original black and white paint on a red background.

Large Boot Trade Sign - On Sale!

Exceptional large boot trade sign, painted on both sides with the name “A.F. Twitchell” in gold lettering and gold striping on a black background.

Painted Child's Sled w/Swan Finials - On Sale!

Child’s sled with iron swan finials.

Civil War Soldier Whirligig - On Sale!

Folk art civil war Union soldier whirligig, polychrome painted wood and paddles.