A beautiful Delft polychrome charger, 12" diameter.

Cast iron door stop in the shape of an elephant reaching for coconuts in a palm tree.


Rare oversized oval foot warmer, wood and tin, with an iron bail handle.

Exceptionally well executed cast iron bust of a woman with long, flowing hair, wearing a hat and sporting a rose on her dress.


Decorated stoneware water cooler, 12" high.

Oval pantry box in green paint.

Very large decorated yellowware bowl. 

Early wooden wall box in original red paint. 


Hand-forged adjustable fireplace trammel with a rare hanging griddle. Perfect for a large firplace in an early house. 18th century, American.


A beautiful 9" Staffordshire historical blue plate. The plate is beautifully decorated with a picture of George Washington alongside "Justice" and "Liberty".


Early creamware platter with an Oriental design.


An early wall box sporting a carved crest and a center divider.


An Eastern Woodlands Native American basket.


A beautiful 12" Delft plate


A beautiful 9" Delft plate. The plate is in good condition, with no cracks or repairs but with numerous rim chips.

Item No. 070266

Price: $375.

Tin sconce with crimped edges and shaped corners, circa 1820-1840.

Hooded tin sconce, circa 1840.

Paint decorated deed box, with flowers over a black background, decorated on the front, lid, and two sides.

Two oval 3-fingered Shaker boxes with lids.

One pint stoneware jug, 7.25" high, with rare cinnamon glaze.