Unusual burl compote, excellent turnings, dated 1875 under base and stamped "C. Snell". Almost invisible repair to column.

Rockingham glazed spaniel, 11" high, 19th Century. Repair to the base.

Early tin coffee pot, outstanding form with ribbed pattern and attractive goose neck spout, opalescent knob on hinged lid, 11" tall, 19th century.

This is an early tin chandelier, NOT a reproduction.

A pair of pantry boxes in original green paint.

A folk art butter print with a carved heart surrounded by leaves.

Staved wooden piggin in old blue paint.

Outstanding hollow molded chalkware billy goat, a hard-to-find form.

Early ovoid stoneware jug with incised cobalt blue floral decoration, 12" tall, probably made by the Lent Stoneware Factory in Troy, NY, circa 1820.

Early large round burl bowl, beautiful coloration, very good condition, American.

Pair of antique tin sconces.

Painted feather basket and lid, 28” tall, very good condition, 19th century, American.

Chinese export oval tureen with a lid.

A Sunderland pink lusterware jug, 5.25” high, with a decoration celebrating victory over the Russians in the Crimean War.

Large antique apothecary/candy jar, beautifully crafted, excellent condition with only some minor chips inside the rim.

A small (10") burl bowl with outstanding graining.

A large pewter teapot with the touch mark "J.H. Palethorp, Philada on the underside.

Rare black chalkware rabbit, 5 1/4" high, circa 1860, Pennsylvania origin.

This is a pair of reproduction 3-candle mirror-back tin sconces, very well made, 20th century.

Country store lamp with original nickel finish and a large (18”) nickel shade.